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QUARTZ. Stone of many powers and varieties. Quartz comes in many guises; Citrine, smokey, milky, rose, amethyst, twinned, beta (high temperature crystals), and is used in silica for glass, electrical components, optical lenses, abrasives, gemstones, ornamental stone, building stone, and much more. Quartz is the most common mineral on the surface of the Earth. It is found in nearly every geological environment and is at minimum a component of almost every rock type. Quartz varieties may be further quantified according to color, shade, pyramidal, prismatic, druzy, twinned, sceptered, tapered, phantomed, inclusions, coated, microcrystalline, stalactitic, concretionary, geoidal, tappered, banded, and more. Quartz has the additional character of being piezoelectric, or producing electromagnetic fields when vibrated or of vibrating upon receipt of electromagnetic field energy. The dictionary describes piezoelectric as follows: "The generation of electricity or of electric polarity in dielectric crystals subjected to mechanical stress, or the generation of stress in such crystals subjected to an applied voltage". As you see, it is a two-way street. The quartz crystal reacts to both receive and generate. Very useful.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ (CLEAR) -- This crystal is one of the most active crystals readily available to the general public. It is reported to have the ability to be programmed with the powers of any other stone, and then substituted for that crystal in any ritual. However, such substitution may reduce the strength of the ritual under the power of the appropriate crystal. It is still useful when the crystal required by a specific ritual is unavailable. Is often used as a general magic and psychic power amplifier. Powers are affected by crystal character as mentioned in the above paragraph and in other characteristics described in this article.

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Cryptocrystalline (crystals too small to be seen even by a microscope) quartz varieties are also used as semi-precious stones and for ornamental purposes. These varieties are divided more by character than by color. Chalcedony or agate are cryptocrystalline and have variations named for locally common varieties. Some of these variations include chrysophase (green agate), sard (yellow to brown agate), sardonyx (banded sard), onyx (black and white agate), carnelian (yellow to orange agate), flint (a colorful and microscopically fibrous form), jasper (colorful impure agate) and bloodstone (green with red speckled agate).

The structure of quartz consists of corkscrewing (helix) chains of silicon tetrahedrons. The corkscrew requires four tetrahedrons in order to repeat itself, or three turns. Each tetrahedron is essentially rotated 120 degrees. This helix makes three turns and thus produces the trigonal symmetry of quartz. This helical structure of quartz accounts for many of its attributes. For example, Quartz can have left and right handed crystals just as a corkscrew can screw in a left handed way or in a right handed way. Each of these characteristics brings forth a differing energy level both in energy produced, and energy transformed.

Crystal Habits are widely variable with the most common habit being hexagonal prisms terminated with a six sided pyramid. Three of the six sides of the pyramid may dominate causing the pyramid to be or look three sided. Left and right handed crystals form and are identifiable if the minor trigonal pyramidal faces are present. Druse (crystal lined rock such as geodes with just the pyramids showing) are also common. Massive forms are commonly botryoidal, globular, stalactitic, crusts of agate such as lining the interior of a geode and many many more.

Some commonly known varities of quartz are:

Beta Quartz is a variety of gem-quality quartz formed in high temperature conditions. These are commonly formed above 1300 degrees and at a pressure of approximately 35 kilobars. extreme conditions indeed. Note however, that at surface temperatures and pressures, the actual structure of the quartz returns to alpha quartz and the beta shape is now a pseudomorph (false shape). In the world of chemistry, quantum physics, crystallography, and energy, this allows more room for energy of all types to be stored and/or transformed by this crystal. Sometimes called Herkimer Diamonds from a source in New York, beta quarz crystals are a psychics friend.

AGATE. Useful in a wide range of rituals and general meditation spells. When worn gives general protection, especially for children. Aids in healing (skin, intestinal), restores body energy and may promote longevity. Sometimes called the Gardeners Stone, many think agate should be worn or carried while gardening. Agate kept with seed enhances sprouting. Banded agate can be an excellent aid to meditation with the depths of vision in the stone. Agate aids specifically in meditation dealing with anger, spite, envy, and stress. Agate has been used in fertility rites of all kinds. Word of caution, many ancient groups believed agate to be bad luck and it was avoided. If you use agate, keep track of any bad luck that may happen in the time frame of the meditation, ritual, or spell usage. Discontinue use if suspicious.

AMETHYST. A dreamers stone. Aids in producing strong, vivid dreams. Either wear in bed or place under pillow. If possible, for best results wear on third eye when sleeping. If having nightmares, use in conjunction with citrine. Use spirit gum or a soft cloth to hold in place. Often brings dreams of love and true psychic visions. In general use, amethyst aids in reducing stress, calming fears, relieving depression, negativity, and doubts. As an amulet is said to draw love. May have slight powers over judgement and can be used for good or ill in this area.

Amethyst crystals from Galleries.com

BLOODSTONE. The business and legal stone. Keep as a paperweight or other decoration on your desk for increased effectivness in business and legal matters. Said to promote courage, life span, and physical strength when worn as an amulet. As it's name suggests, is used for healing any illness concerning the bloodstream.

CARNELIAN. A lustful stone. Carnelian is used in rituals and meditations for increasing sexual desires and in any spell or amulet concerning lust. Aids in promoting self-confidence and increasing courage. When used in carefully grounded rituals will promote peace and calmness while maintaining a strong sexual energy.

CITRINE. Anti-nightmare stone. Keep this stone on your body while sleeping to prevent nightmares. Aids in increasing self-esteem and your access to magical powers. Some use as a good luck stone and to promote creativity.

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